Thanking Sister Audrey, Rose Joseph and “all of you at St. Mary Monastery”!

katie-and-audrey-for-websiteIn gratitude to Sr. Audrey who went beyond understanding to prayerfully and patiently put the broken parts together, holding each piece gently in God’s love until the Spark ignited and became able to drink in the warmth and the nourishment of Benedictine way of healing, living and loving. You will always have a special place in my heart of hearts! I owe you my new life! As a spiritual director, I teach what you taught me, guide as you led me, and above all listen as you showed me. May God bless my small ministry and may God bless and keep you, dear one. – Sharon Flanagan Mungo Continue Reading

Thanking Sisters Marlene, Marilyn, Rachel and the Whole Community!

marlene-at-superbowlSister Marlene taught our granddaughter, Mary, in third grade at St. Clare. I am grateful for the influence she had on Mary’s life. She will always be special to our family. – Paula Daly Cunningham

This small but wonderful school – St. Mary’s Academy – was so much more than just high school.  We lived together in the dorm, with R.A.s and the Benedictine Sisters of Nauvoo.  You really don’t know people until you live with them…then again; they didn’t know me until I lived with them.  At the beginning I thought they really needed to learn a lot from me, but of course, I learned a lot from them. – Josephine Barrett, class of 1980 Continue Reading

Thanking Sisters Phyllis, Marlene, Rosemary and Catherine

catherine-lighting-candle-for-webThe Sisters are a special gift from God and blessing to me. – Uraina Swanson Rubingh

Thank you for the opportunity to do this. A huge thank you to Sister Catherine Cleary. I am so grateful for the gift of her wisdom. The readings and time she shared with me continue to resonate throughout my life. – Melissa Calhoun

Continue Reading

Thanking Sisters Rose Joseph, Janet, Rosemary and Mary Jean!

mackenzie-with-michelle-and-mary-jeanWe’ve had so many replies to our “Thank a Nun” request, that we will share several every day throughout National Catholic Sisters Week. Here are the first 4:

* I did not belong to any religion when I was a schoolgirl at SMA and was the most careless girl of my Class. I thought other girls were more committed into school activities. But at that time I was younger and immature. Continue Reading