A Benedictine Catholic Sister’s Story of “Yes”


Benedictine Sisters process to Mass in their heavy serge habits.

By Sister Charlotte Sonneville, OSB

It was a hot August afternoon when Sisters Marilyn Hettinger, Sandra Mock and I arrived back at the Catechetical Center in Ladd, Illinois. We had been driving for 4 hours, returning from 2 months at the monastery in Nauvoo.

We had just changed out of our traditional wool habits and into our cotton work habits when the phone rang. Father William, OSB, told us that the local Presbyterian pastor’s wife had died. Could we please represent our Catholic community at her funeral?

Of course we said yes. We had enjoyed some great youth programs with our two Churches and knew that it was important to offer our prayerful support.

But changing back into our hot, heavy serge habits was quite a sacrifice. And the funeral was just an hour from then. Continue Reading

Are you listening?


From left, Benedictine Sisters Sandra, Stefanie, Sheila, Susan and Jackie study a spiritual text together in the library.

By Susan Hutchens, OSB

“Obedience” is a word that sometimes gets a bum rap. We’ve come to see it as a negative thing, requiring a response because of a directive – Do this! or Don’t do it! Or else!

But it has a very positive side too. I choose to ‘obey,’ to do what needs to be done, out of love for another, or belief in a principle. Continue Reading

A “Motley Crew” at Prayer? Jesus is There Too!


By Sister Mary Core, OSB

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  (Matthew 18:19-20)

Jesus’ familiar words are a reminder that the power of our prayer is enhanced when we pray with others.

It happens when we share a blessing before a meal we are about to enjoy. Continue Reading