A Letter to You

Dear Friend,

I wish that at this moment we could have a chat over a cup of coffee or tea.

The last several months I have been talking to God about the next person He will choose to send to our community. Will she be young or over 40?  What will her ministry interests and skills be? Will she be someone who loves teaching school as I did? Could she be someone who  would continue  teaching music to adults and students like I continue doing at age 82? Could she be you? Continue Reading

What does it mean when God says … NOTHING?

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We all crave signs from above from time to time. Whether we are looking for guidance, a cure, assistance with a problem or something as specific as a new job, we want God to Speak. We want Answers. More often than not, of course, what we hear is nothing. Continue Reading

The Fruit of Faithfulness Part VI

There are many distractions and temptations that can lead us astray from our intentions. In his description of faithfulness, Thomas Keating describes the “daily oblation of ourselves and all our actions to God.” This phrase strikes me because it speaks of the intentional effort we must make to pray for strength and to turn all of our life over to God daily. Keating says this daily oblation leads to our being compassionate in serving all those we meet.  Faithfulness is linked directly to serving others! Continue Reading