A Letter to You

Dear Friend,

I wish that at this moment we could have a chat over a cup of coffee or tea.

The last several months I have been talking to God about the next person He will choose to send to our community. Will she be young or over 40?  What will her ministry interests and skills be? Will she be someone who loves teaching school as I did? Could she be someone who  would continue  teaching music to adults and students like I continue doing at age 82? Could she be you?

There is a motto that says: “To teach is to touch a life forever.” I could add that to be a Benedictine Sister here at St. Mary Monastery in Rock Island, is to have chosen the best life ever! Whoops! As I say that, I remember what the Psalmist says in one of the psalms: “You did not choose me, I chose you.”

Just as I have been asking God who will be the next to come and share our monastic way of life I believe you in your discernment process have been asking God how you will really know what He wants you to do with your life – right?

Well, my friend be at peace because you do not have to choose! God will choose you and the answer will not come in verbal words from heaven but in the quiet moments of prayer.

Listen to your heart!! God speaks to us through people, events, and maybe even through letters like this from someone like me who is wondering who the next Benedictine will be. Do you think that it could be YOU?

The only way you will really know is to come and see who we are and how we live our life of prayer and ministry with the Lord. You have the invitation. God waits for your response. Do come and look us over and then you and I can really have a longer chat over a cup of tea!

You are in my thoughts and prayers,

Sister Mary Jane

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