Meditating on Rain

Rain, rain, go away and come back another day! I remember saying that when I was a kid. I was into sports then and hated rainy days when I had to stay inside.  This summer these words have come back to me frequently since it has been a drenching summer! This week it has poured and poured although the sun is peeking through as I write this. Continue Reading

How to Live According to the Impossible Precepts of the Gospel

“Our experience of prayer is our entry into the realm of mystery. If you like, it is stepping out of space and time into eternity, where we are conscious only that our spirits are being fed. It is this heavenly nourishment that energizes our efforts to live according to the impossible precepts of the gospel. It is not only when times are hard that we are sustained by prayer: Only to those who pray is it possible to keep stretching out beyond ordinary comfort zones to a closer following of Jesus. Monastic life is not possible without prolonged dedication to prayer; where prayer is lacking, commitment falters and life begins to fall apart.” Michael Casey, OCSO

Celebrating 135 Years…

What a busy week it has been around here.  This weekend we have our annual Community Chapter meetings.  We meet in March and August every year to take care of business matters.  This weekend we are celebrating 135 years since we were founded in Nauvoo, in 1874.  We also hosted an open house this afternoon so the public could see the new addition to our Benet House Retreat Center. Continue Reading

Sharing Crumbs

At Eucharist this morning the Scriptures continued the theme of bread and Jesus feeding the multitude.  Fr. John gave such a bold homily and it has struck me all day.  Basically he read a touching story written by a reporter visiting the Darfur refugee camps running out of food.  One girl was given the last food item: a lone banana.  She walked across the road to her three siblings and carefully cut the banana into three chunks giving one to each child.  She licked the banana peel for her meal.  Fr. John’s point was that miracles begin when we share what little we have with others. Continue Reading