Meditating on Rain

Rain, rain, go away and come back another day! I remember saying that when I was a kid. I was into sports then and hated rainy days when I had to stay inside.  This summer these words have come back to me frequently since it has been a drenching summer! This week it has poured and poured although the sun is peeking through as I write this.

When I was in college I began to appreciate rain more, walking in a soft, warm rain across campus and getting soaked. There was something freeing about that experience, with no mother telling me to get inside or you’ll catch a cold.  I was an adult in college and could do as I wished!

I love the smell of a summer rain. I love curling up in my favorite chair to read on a rainy day.

The Monastery lake is especially beautiful on a rainy day. It is gorgeous, really, to see raindrops jumping in the water. The rhythm of that popping is peaceful and calming, much like the rhythm of monastic life. Even when the wind and rain turn wild it is wonderful. Watching the water nearly bounce, the prairie grass bend and the water run down the walkways can feel like the Spirit speaking boldly.

Next time it rains, meditate on the power and energy of water as a great symbol of the power and energy of our creator God. Listen – and watch – to the Spirit speak boldly.

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