Give 1 Single Day to God


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Here’s your chance to say Yes to that nagging feeling that you should learn about life as a Catholic Sister.

Join other single Catholic women 18-50 years old who are coming to find out more.

You will enjoy prayer, meals and conversation with the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery.

You will learn about the process of discernment and the traditions of Benedictine life.

(Did you know, for example, that we live together under one roof, and pray together as a community 3 times a day?)

Join us May 21-22 and take the step you need to learn whether God really is calling you to religious life.

Who: You!

What: Catholic Sister for a Day

When: Sat. May 21, 9 am – Sun. May 22, 1 pm

Where: St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, IL

Fee: There is no cost; you are our guest!

Why: To be called to a lifestyle where we immerse ourselves in Jesus, as a community, is great joy for us. Learn whether it is right for you, too!

Don’t wait another day to learn more about who we are and how we live. Contact Sister Stefanie at (309) 283-2300 or

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