Pentecost Sunday

By Sr. Catherine Cleary, OSB

How can you go away and yet stay? But this is exactly what happened to Jesus at Pentecost. Jesus” going to God in his death is not a going away from the disciples but a coming and staying with us in a new way. The new way is symbolized by how Jesus encounters the disciples. After his death even though the doors are locked, Jesus appears in their midst. His new presence is not bound by physical limitation and as Thomas finds out, not properly known by physical inspection. Read more

A Discernment Experience at the Monastery

Over the weekend a 29-year-old woman came to the Monastery for a ”Live-in” experience. Pamela is early in her discernment about religious life. She knew from the time she was young that she wanted to do something for God. She was active in several protestant churches and discovered the Catholic Church about 5 years ago. She recently attended RCIA and was welcomed into the Church at Easter Vigil Eucharist. She has visited other Benedictine communities and plans to visit a Franciscan community.

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Inquirers from 11 to 48 Visit the Monastery

Well, I had my vocation hands full on Tuesday!!! 60 fifth graders from Jordan Grade School came for a vocation awareness morning at the Monastery. It was a wonderful challenge – I love those little kiddo”s. The 5th graders are learning about vocations in school and so this was a great field trip for them. They were utterly attentive – asking questions as we toured the Monastery, bringing their vocation questions with them and eating us out of juice and cookies.

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Foundations of Faith

How fundamental family is to our faith. I am sitting on my mom”s porch in Galena, Il, where I grew up. In more recent years, since we moved closer, I have been able to spend Mother”s Day with her. She so appreciates it, I know. We don”t do a lot but just ”hang out” together. Our tradition is to plant her porch with flowers. It is small but lovely and refreshing for her. We will go to Mass tonight and go out to dinner.

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