Foundations of Faith

How fundamental family is to our faith. I am sitting on my mom”s porch in Galena, Il, where I grew up. In more recent years, since we moved closer, I have been able to spend Mother”s Day with her. She so appreciates it, I know. We don”t do a lot but just ”hang out” together. Our tradition is to plant her porch with flowers. It is small but lovely and refreshing for her. We will go to Mass tonight and go out to dinner.

I know in my upbringing it was my mom who made sure we were raised in the Catholic Church. She encouraged us to be in the choir, active in Religious Ed after the Catholic school closed and my mom was very involved in our Women”s Club, Parish Council, CCD Council, Extraordinary Minister, Finance Board and she chaired an endless number of committees..especially fundraising!

My dad was less involved when I was growing up but highly supportive. Later in life he became an Extraordinary Minister too.

It seems a good weekend to consider how your parents impacted your foundation in faith. Perhaps there were other influential persons to consider. Who has been the foundation of faith for you?

2 thoughts on “Foundations of Faith

  1. Mother’s day was bitter sweet with the loss of my grandma. Then, with the answer to prayers with the doctor was able to the amount of cancer out our of her. Which, will hopefully prolong my mothers life to as long as my grandmothers.


  2. I am glad we had a chance to talk about your grandma and mom when you came this past weekend. Grandma”s are so wonderfully wise and full of great stories.

    Also, remember to share with your mom my prayers are with her..and I went through cancer and have done very well. Hope is very important as well as a lot of loving support from her family and friends. You are so helpful in taking care of you mom these past weeks..making her eat. I hope it went well when she was in your brothers ”hands” last weekend.


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