Moving Off the Clock during Our Summer Retreat

Our busyness comes to a sudden halt this week, as our summer retreat begins. Life will move off the clock. We will be steeped in silence, reflection, prayer and rest.

We will watch Sister Ruth’s bold and brilliant lilies dance in the early summer breeze, and listen to the bees as they hum amid the sacred bounty with joy. Continue Reading

Window into a Benedictine Retreat: What we see, do and learn

What We Do During Retreat

We are on retreat this week, meaning that the whole community is home; silent, attending presentations by Sr. Shawn Carruth, OSB (Mount St. Benedict Monastery, Crookston, Minn.), and in deep prayer.

Retreat time is, for our Sisters, in some ways the most life-giving week of the year. It is a time of deep reflection and rest, with undivided attention on God and God’s creation. No one is running off to ministries after prayers this week! Continue Reading