What We're Learning…

Dispatch #6 from Sr. Bobbi

Besides tramping through the historical sites and ruins, the 29 Benedictine Sisters participating in the Benedictine Rome Renewal Program are enjoying lively conferences. We began with a conference on Monastic Instincts. Sr. Karen Joseph, OSB, spoke of instincts like listening, humility, helpfulness, holding ones tongue, bearing with, reverence, and consistency. Continue Reading

Rome by Foot

Sr. Bobbi’s Dispatch #5

This is Mamertinum Prison, where Paul was imprisoned in Rome. For more pictures visit our Facebook page!

This is our day for reflection, which is built into the schedule. That is quite wise as the days are so busy that I usually go to bed instead of writing!!

It is simply an amazing experience to walk the streets of Rome. With its narrow cobblestone streets and open markets, it is as if we were really in early church times. Like maybe Peter could be preaching on the next corner! Continue Reading

At Benedict's Cell

Dispatch #4 from Sr. Bobbi!

Just 24 hrs ago Sr. Ruth and I were actually in front of the small cell of Benedict in Rome (above). It had only enough space for him to stretch out but not to move around in. Before he finished his studies, he grew so frustrated with the decadence of Roman society that he left to find a more spiritual way. Continue Reading

Pilgrimage to Rome

Sister Bobbi left for Rome last week, along with Sister Ruth Ksycki and 27 other Benedictine Sisters from around the world, for a Benedictine retreat and renewal program. With an itinerary that ranges from conferences on the Rule of Benedict to tours of the Vatican, the Coliseum and St. Benedict’s haunts (to name only a couple of items), she will come back renewed … if not quite rested! Continue Reading