Pentecost Mass in Rome

Dispatch #3

Being at St. Peter’s for the Pope’s Pentecost Mass was awesome! This picture is a close up of Pope Benedict as he came up the aisle: we had an aisle seat, very close. The 2-hour Mass was in Latin and chant with many priests. I didn’t know what was said but could follow along. It was beautiful!

We saw PB give his blessing. Easter season might be over, but Spirit is the lasting energy ~ God never quits and is every day with me. You too!!!

3 thoughts on “Pentecost Mass in Rome

  1. This is all very exciting to read… must be incredible to be there in person. Love reading these blogs.

    Have a wonderful experience….how is the food?



  2. What a place to be to celebrate Pentecost!! The Holy Spirit is definitely moving!


  3. Thanks for writing and I am glad you are following. To answer your question – the food is delicious. But you must love pasta. At the Monastery where we are staying we have it twice a day along with wine. We also ha e fresh bread every morning-big hard crusted rolls. The one night I ate out it was only part of a full Italian dinner but my linguine in pesto sauce was perfecto!

    Pam, I am glad you bad a good birthday. Did your friend get home from her missionary work?


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