Embracing God More Fully During Lent

“Blessed are they who love the Lord.” Dt.

At Eucharist this morning the reading was from Old Testament Deuteronomy. In the story, Moses spoke to his people right before they were to enter the Promised Land. As they had struggled with being faithful to God during their many challenges, Moses encouraged them to stay faithful as they began their new life in a new land. He implored them to focus only on faithfulness to their One God who had brought them to this moment in time. Continue Reading

Looking Forward

Isaiah encourages Israel to not look back but to believe all things are new.  Isaiah believes in a God who forgives and looks to the future in us. Israel, as a nation, has offended God many times when they strayed from following what they knew to be God’s Will. Isaiah tells the people to put those ‘iniquities’ behind and look to the new. Continue Reading

The Feast of St. Scholastica

All Benedictine women celebrate February 10 as the Feast of St. Scholastica. Saints Benedict and Scholastica were twins but, more importantly, they were of One Spirit. They were extraordinarily close and several very colorful stories are recorded by St. Gregory the Great about their relationship. St. Scholastic followed her brother as he left Rome and later established a small community. She established similar communities of women who followed Benedict’s teaching and Rule. Continue Reading

A Clean Heart Create for Me, God

Turn away your face from my sins, blot out all my guilt.  A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit Psalm 51

When discerning about religious life it is essential to look at yourself and where you have been in your life.  My last blog posed the question of who loved you immensely and in some way introduced you to the intimate love of God as reflected in Psalm 139.  Today I look at Psalm 51, another passage I suggest for discerning about your personal history.

Psalm 51 is powerful because it recalls the loving, forgiving and nurturing God. Continue Reading