Embracing God More Fully During Lent

“Blessed are they who love the Lord.” Dt.

At Eucharist this morning the reading was from Old Testament Deuteronomy. In the story, Moses spoke to his people right before they were to enter the Promised Land. As they had struggled with being faithful to God during their many challenges, Moses encouraged them to stay faithful as they began their new life in a new land. He implored them to focus only on faithfulness to their One God who had brought them to this moment in time.

Lent, we often say, is a time to embrace God more fully and more faithfully. It is a time to be done with our past ways of unfaithfulness and doubt. It is time to repent, refocus and refresh our relationship with God.

Take heed of Moses’ message. The past is over and a new life in God awaits those who love the Lord. Take a look into your past and those obstacles that prevent you from embracing God more fully. Lay those things to rest once and for all. God promises us a future of peace and joy if we focus on Him.

Maybe Lent the time to take your first or second or third step in responding to God’s call.

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