Lift up Your Voice with Others Praying Psalms

When you pray the Psalms during Lauds (the morning prayer that we say at 7 am), you lift your voice with the community of Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery in Rock Island, Illinois.

The Psalm numbers are arranged on the page both by week (across the top of the page) and by day (down the side). We usually pray 4 Psalms each during Lauds (morning) and Vespers (which we say at 5 pm, before dinner). You can look up each Psalm in your Bible, or you can go to and look up the Psalms easily there.

We also pray another selection from Scripture, which is printed at the bottom of the list of Psalms. That’s easy to look up at too. Other readings and hymns are not included because it’s not practical to do so, but you can hear a few moments of our morning praise in our video, and learn more about the Psalms as well.

Also, you are welcome to join us in person! Contact Sr. Bobbi if you would like to come for morning, noonday or evening prayers. Blessings to you this Lent!

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