The Fruit of Charity Part II

I remember when I was teaching social justice to high school seniors how we discussed the footprint of justice: charity and systemic change.  Fighting with kindness as well as getting to the root of the problem. Twenty one years later I recognize I have been fortunate to do both (this is a photo of St. Joseph House, a transitional housing resource for homeless women and children supported in part by our Benedictine community). Systemic change is essential to eliminating poverty, homelessness, hunger, war etc completely.  Continue Reading

Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit Part I

Recently I was browsing through Barnes & Noble Bookstore (one of my favorite things to do) and it struck me how many books of daily readings are available. There is an abundance of such titles for women, men, sport enthusiasts and trivia enthusiasts, all designed to leave you with a brief thought to hold during the day. In fact, I probably have a dozen different daily readers on my bookshelf! Continue Reading