The Fruit of Faithfulness Part VI

There are many distractions and temptations that can lead us astray from our intentions. In his description of faithfulness, Thomas Keating describes the “daily oblation of ourselves and all our actions to God.” This phrase strikes me because it speaks of the intentional effort we must make to pray for strength and to turn all of our life over to God daily. Keating says this daily oblation leads to our being compassionate in serving all those we meet.  Faithfulness is linked directly to serving others! Continue Reading

Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit Part I

Recently I was browsing through Barnes & Noble Bookstore (one of my favorite things to do) and it struck me how many books of daily readings are available. There is an abundance of such titles for women, men, sport enthusiasts and trivia enthusiasts, all designed to leave you with a brief thought to hold during the day. In fact, I probably have a dozen different daily readers on my bookshelf! Continue Reading