The Fruit of Faithfulness Part VI

There are many distractions and temptations that can lead us astray from our intentions. In his description of faithfulness, Thomas Keating describes the “daily oblation of ourselves and all our actions to God.” This phrase strikes me because it speaks of the intentional effort we must make to pray for strength and to turn all of our life over to God daily. Keating says this daily oblation leads to our being compassionate in serving all those we meet.  Faithfulness is linked directly to serving others!

Keating continues his reflection on service, saying that true service is not wondering what we might get out of it from God or another person. Service is about compassion, perseverance and “giving without thinking of return.”  Service is unconditional love.

So often we get caught up in our need to be recognized or appreciated or affirmed for our good works. It is natural, I think, to be human like that! Yet true faithfulness enables us to simply do what is needed and be grateful we can. It is not about making headlines but about just doing what needs to be done. Faithfulness is a lifetime journey … slow, full of obstructions and sometimes disheartening. With God as our constant guide, we’ll make it!  Blessings on your road.

One thought on “The Fruit of Faithfulness Part VI

  1. The unconditional love for family (and friends who have become more like family). It was this week getting up before done. Which for someone who works second shift feels like the middle of the night. Just to help pack up a dear friends classroom. Talking on the phone or texting when it seems that the world is crashing down. Being understanding or just being there has been the grest of help. Knowing that they have done the same for me.


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