WWJD (“What Would Jesus Do?”)

cob-stove2Sister Rosemary Murphy shared a story about one Thanksgiving long ago – back when the community still lived in Nauvoo – in which she took dinner to an elderly lady.

Sister Rosemary entered her cold house and found the lady cuddled up close to an old cob stove. It was all she had for warmth.

Sister Rosemary stayed and ate with the lady, and saw to it she had plenty of warmth for the winter. Continue Reading

Be the Light!

christmas-lightsBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Visit the monastery this time of year and you might be surprised. All our Christmas decorations are still up! Christmas music is still playing!

That’s because the Church celebrates Christmas until the Baptism of Jesus next Monday. We also celebrate Epiphany for a week. Not too much time for such a momentous event! Continue Reading