Jesus’ Baptism: A Great Day to Reflect on Your Own Vocation

font-for-fbBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Today we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, on the final day of our Christmas season.

We remember that Jesus is human as he presents himself to John. In solidarity with human beings, Jesus (God) chose to become us. Wow!!!

Today, Jesus is still with us. We need to be Christ, as well.

How? Well, it’s a life-long project to live and serve according to the Gospels. 🙂

We are called through our own baptism to live Jesus’ Gospel teachings. We are all called to be kind, forgiving, serving.

My Sisters and I are called as well to our vocation and public ministry of religious life.

The Baptism began Jesus’ public ministry. What a great day to renew our own commitment to our vocation … or to discern what that vocation will be.

Message me at and we’ll talk. ❤

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