Acts of the Apostles: Week #4

paul-and-barnabasChapters 13-15 by Sister Mary Core, OSB

Paul and Barnabas take their message to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles.

In every town their audience is divided between believers and unbelievers … an emotional hotbed for all.

At Lystra, Paul heals a man lame from birth, causing the people to believe he and Barnabas are the Greek gods Hermes and Zeus. Continue Reading

Acts of the Apostles: Week #3

paul-wordieChapters 8-12 by Sister Mary Core, OSB

Philip now goes “down to Samaria” to preach. For Jews, Jerusalem was held in highest esteem, meaning that one went up when going to Jerusalem, and down when going away in any direction.

Thus, when the “Followers of the Way” – as the early Christians were known – went down from Jerusalem, they left the city to begin their missionary work.
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Dancing in the Rain … with our Sisters and God

dance-in-rain-for-blogBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“If we take it for granted that storms will come and that at various junctures in our lives we will experience real hardship, then we can prepare ourselves to endure what comes and be ready to bounce back at the first opportunity … Storms do not last forever and even in the worst storms there are interludes of respite that enable us to catch our breath and continue the struggle.” Michael Casey, The Road to Eternal Life Continue Reading