Acts of the Apostles: Week #10/Conclusion

paul-in-romeChapters 27:13-28:31 by Sr. Mary Core, OSB

Encouraged by a gentle southern breeze, the ship’s pilot sets sail for Phoenix, only to encounter hurricane force winds which batter the ship and send it off course toward the island of Malta.

Once again, our “hero,” Paul, comes to the rescue.  He first tells everyone, “If you had listened to me…” (A real “I told you so” moment), but then offers hope, recounting a dream in which God told him the ship would run aground and be lost, but the passengers would all survive. Continue Reading

Acts of the Apostles: Week #7

paul-at-ephesusChapters 21-23 By Sister Mary Core, OSB

After an emotional farewell at Ephesus, Paul and companions continue their journey to Jerusalem.

Again, Luke uses the word “we,” suggesting his presence on the journey. The fact that there are Christian communities at Tyre and Ptolemais indicates that Christian evangelization was widespread across Asia Minor.

What happens next causes us to ask how the Spirit works in our own lives … and whether we recognize it for what it is. Continue Reading

Acts of the Apostles: Week #6

3rd-missionary-journeyChapters 19-20 by Sister Mary Core, OSB

Chapter 19 is dedicated to Paul’s time in Ephesus and recounts his success in proclaiming the Good News, working miracles and even converting many of the Jewish exorcists. He makes plans to leave Ephesus revisit Macedonia, Achaia and return to Jerusalem, before carrying the faith to the heart of the Roman Empire at Rome. Continue Reading

Acts of the Apostles: Week #5

priscilla-for-acts-of-apostlesChapters 16-18 by Sister Mary Core, OSB

Due to the death of our beloved Sister Peggy last week, I canceled our book club meeting. But with this installment, we are now caught up!

In chapter 16 Paul and Silas are joined by Timothy at Lystra and they move quickly through the region to the coastal city of Troas. The indication is that they were prevented by the Holy Spirit from preaching in other provinces of Asia Minor. Why? Continue Reading

Acts of the Apostles: Week #3

paul-wordieChapters 8-12 by Sister Mary Core, OSB

Philip now goes “down to Samaria” to preach. For Jews, Jerusalem was held in highest esteem, meaning that one went up when going to Jerusalem, and down when going away in any direction.

Thus, when the “Followers of the Way” – as the early Christians were known – went down from Jerusalem, they left the city to begin their missionary work.
Continue Reading