The Fruit of Joy Part III

“The Joy of the Lord is your Strength.” I have often said that I don’t mind hard work, stressful work or long hours if I enjoy my job and have some fun. Most of the time I have been able to work like that. It is a real gift that I have enjoyed my jobs. I know people who really dislike their jobs but the result of being able to provide for their family or get ahead financially brings them joy. I suppose that is one way to recognize the fruit of joy: that what we do is enjoyable or the results give us joy. Continue Reading

The Challenges and Joys of Becoming a Sister

Jackie Walsh, recently of Bloomington, Ill., became Sister Jackie at the age of 53 on June 11. She had worked, lived and studied at St. Mary Monastery for three years before receiving her Benedictine pin (given by Prioress Sr. Phyllis McMurray, right). It had been a leap of faith and a labor of love. Continue Reading