The Spirituality – and Financial Workings – of Community

In Christianity’s earliest community, if someone received money from their work or selling something they owned, then the money went into the community collection to be used for the needs of the whole. Special care was given to the widowed and orphans because they had no means to get money. Likewise, the community cared for the elderly and sick. Each person had what they needed. We live similarly today. Continue Reading

Triduum at the Monastery

Good Friday is the most depressing day of the Liturgical Year. I always consider Good Friday lasting until the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday.  At the Monastery we have Lauds on Friday and Saturday morning with readings from the Book of Lamentation and many of the suffering, cursing Psalms. This part of the Triduum is filled with the sadness of Christ’s passion and death as depicted in the Good Friday Scriptures. It is an experience that often leads me to meditate on those people who are really suffering in our world. Continue Reading