Preparing for the Resurrection

As we embark on this Holy Week, we begin a dramatic journey with Jesus that moves from celebration as he arrives in Jerusalem to unspeakable tragedy as he dies on the cross. On the way, we experience the highly emotional scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, the arrest, the trial and, finally, the condemnation of Jesus. His closest friends betray and deny him. Consider, however, the faithful disciples who stay with him, carry the cross and wipe his face. What would you have done?

I suggest you choose a character in the drama to reflect on. Maybe you will choose a different character each day. Can you imagine the pain of Jesus? The remorse of the sinner on the cross? The fear of Peter? The betrayal of Judas? The love of Mary at the foot of the cross?

I think Holy Week, the Passion and Death of Jesus invites us to look deep inside ourselves and identify our fears and what we may need forgiveness for, as well as the depth of our love for Jesus. This self reflection will prepare us to recognize the Resurrection.

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