Thanking God for the Courage to Follow Your Dreams

It is hard to believe we have celebrated another Thanksgiving.  It is a great feast to celebrate, for a grateful heart is something to nourish … and there is much to be grateful for!

Yesterday I was talking to a women who found us through VISION magazine and was led to our website and blog.  She is interested in pursuing her interest in religious life and will come to visit after the Thanksgiving holidays.  Continue Reading

R U There? New Technology in Vocation Communication

Last week I was in Cleveland for the National Religious Vocation Conference meeting.  There were several really good presentations around the theme of  “Vocations in a Global World.’  What stood out for me was the presentation on ‘Vocations in a Digital Age’ or what I call connecting in cyberspace! Actually, it was more like what is this cyberspace and how in the world will I connect with women living there? Continue Reading

What the Parables Say to Us

Lately, I have been teaching a New Testament Scripture class to our Sisters in initial formation, Sister Stefanie and Novice Jackie. But everyone is invited to attend so there are about 15 other Sisters who fill the room. No matter how long we have read and prayed with the Bible, at Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist, I think we all realize there is no end to what we can learn anew each time we encounter the Scriptures through the words, actions and call of Jesus!  Our discussions make for an enjoyable evening two nights a month.
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