Listening to the Quiet Clanging of God

Yesterday was quite windy.  A very fallish day with crispness in the wind.  I was sitting in a gazebo (I am on my last day of retreat) right next to a wind chime.  I have had the experience before of wind chimes kind of barging in on my quiet with their clanging sounds.  However, this wind chime had very soft, melodious tones and just seemed a very natural addition to my quiet.  The tones added to the contemplation of the moment. Continue Reading

The Radical Choice of Monastic Life

This weekend I am at St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, MN at a National Benedictine Vocation Conference. Today included very engaging presentations by Sr. Joan Chittister. She spoke quite energetically about the vitality of Benedictine life for today’s world. As she was recounting the original reasons that Benedict left Rome to begin a new way of living – it was all to similar to today’s world. Continue Reading

Making a World of Difference, One Small Step at a Time

Several events happened in the last week that can give an ‘eye view’ to our monastic values. On Thursday evening we held a special prayer to commemorate the International Day for Non-Violence.  We prayed for growth of non-violence in our world as well as making an individual pledge to be non-violent in our lives. This was the first prayer we have done entirely devoted to non-violence in a long time. Continue Reading