Listening to the Quiet Clanging of God

Yesterday was quite windy.  A very fallish day with crispness in the wind.  I was sitting in a gazebo (I am on my last day of retreat) right next to a wind chime.  I have had the experience before of wind chimes kind of barging in on my quiet with their clanging sounds.  However, this wind chime had very soft, melodious tones and just seemed a very natural addition to my quiet.  The tones added to the contemplation of the moment.

I was struck by how that wind chime sound was like the presence of God.  God can enter our lives very softly and just is part of the experience.  It is noticeable but not disturbing.  In fact, it always adds to the experience of the moment.

No doubt there are times God barges in because we may need the clanging reminder to notice Him.  However, for those of us who have a constant and prayerful connection to God the clanging isn’t usually needed – but His subtle and quiet entrance is what we Seek.

Prayer and eternal trust is what we need to allow God to move within us always.  Seeking God is about opening ourselves in every minute to God.

Does God come to you quietly?  How is God present in every moment of your life?  If God comes clanging into your life – why?  Where is God pulling you to go?

6 thoughts on “Listening to the Quiet Clanging of God

  1. I have been “clanged”. I have a mass in my right kidney. I go to the specialist on Wed. 28th. I will keep you informed. Thank you for your prayers.


  2. Hi Uraina,
    That is a big clang, so to speak. Of course, I will offer prayer for a good diagnosis. Let me know. Trust in God that whatever arises on Wednesday you will handle it with His Guidance.

    Sr. Bobbi


  3. God comes to me in quiet moments, and moments that are suddenly – even in the midst of noise and activity – quiet. Those existential silences sometimes are so loud, and yet so still…it’s hard to explain. But God touches me in the silences of small noises the most. Like the music of chattering animals, like the rustling of the falling leaves, like the night noises under a full moon…I am continually called to go deeper into those gentle, melodic silences. There is great peace there…and that is where I want to live.


  4. Joanna – What a poetic reply!! In fact, I seriously believe God’s music is the sound of nature. You described that music quite well. I often think of a Sister in my community who can hum along with the birds. She knows their sounds intimately. She is also a musician and loves God’s music of the birds.

    I love the night time noises and the lights of the universe. I find that the night brings out the mystery and warmth of God in a totally new way. I do agree that it is in the mystery and music of God where peace flows most richly. Enjoy the times you can go to those gentle and melodic silences. Thanks for your insights.


  5. Hmmm…quite? Seems hard to find at times. Helping with my mom. Making sure eats, drinks and doesn’t get sick. Along with caring for adults with disablities. Oddly, it seems somewhere between midnight and two am is when I can finally get the time I need to recharge for the coming day.


  6. Well Pam, I would say that is quite early in the morning when you finally have time to catch up. The night does often allow for that recharge you speak of.


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