Finding Our Way, through the Seasons, to God

What a gorgeous day today. I believe Autumn is my favorite season. There is something that touches me when I see the bold gold and russets among the rich green. Add the deep blue sky or water and that is just about the best combination of colors. Autumn also brings the ending of richness in creation to the more stark winter. I like Winter as the snow settles on the landscape.

The seasons also speak to the changing cycle of life that we embrace as the Paschal Mystery. The seasons reflect Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection. He had to walk through each season to find eternal life with God. As Jesus, we must walk through each season to find our way to God.

The beauty of nature’s seasons and the beauty of the Paschal Mystery help us question how to live our lives: What seasons do we embrace or find challenging? What seasons bring hope or naturally deepen our faith?  What seasons do we find difficult to live through or give us energy to move forward?  What seasons bring us closer to death and resurrection?  How do we identify with Christ’s Paschal Mystery in the changing seasons of our lives?

These are essential questions all of us face, aren’t they?  Regardless of how we feel, the breath of God surrounds us in nature’s seasons and changing. The breath of God awakens us as we travel along with Christ as our guide. Where does the breath of God lead you?  Where does the breath of God inspire you?  How does the breath of God becken you to change?

2 thoughts on “Finding Our Way, through the Seasons, to God

  1. I love your reflection! Here on the east coast it seems like Autumn has come and is going very quickly. I, too, love the colors the speak of God’s glory — I hope that as I age my colors become as varied and as brilliant before I am gone!

    I find each season beautiful, but I have to say I love the winter because of the barrenness. The emptiness of the landscape, the earth’s sleeping, the hardy evergreens that silently continue to witness….these things speak to my soul. They call me to listen, to challenge myself to let go of those things with which I clad myself, to enter into and embrace this season of transformation.


  2. Absolutely, the colors come and go so quickly! Never enough time absorb them as I would wish. I like your analogy about letting go as the landscape changes. A continuous challenge, isn’t it? Seems like that is nature’s cycle as well as our Paschal Mystery cycle of life.
    Thanks for posting..and keep it up! I enjoy your comments! (I am just a little behind replying some days!!)


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