How to Love God in 5 Steps

sky and hazy sun through winter trees

Saints, psalmists and prophets have all referenced love of God as being akin to great romance.

Whether romance or friendship, love for God is based on relationship.

And relationship takes time, attention and commitment.

“The only way I can explain it is in human terms,” Sister Ruth Ksycki, OSB says.

“Building a relationship with God is like becoming good friends with someone.”

Here’s how:

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Celebrate Your Own Saints!


Sister Stefanie places a vigil light in front of the Memorial Wall.

By Sister Mary Core, OSB

When I was growing up I loved All Saints Day, probably mostly because we didn’t have school.

It also gave me a chance to review – and enjoy – my Halloween trick-or-treat stash.

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Part 9: 3 Ways to Practice Hospitality

stef and child and play doh for fb

Sister Stefanie MacDonald plays with a young monastery guest.

Maintaining a welcoming stance is sometimes a little challenging. We don’t always feel like it!

Nevertheless, we are called to hospitality for good reason.

By greeting all as Christ, we keep our own hearts soft. We invite others to respond with openness and gentleness. And we extend God’s own welcome into the world.

Sister Stefanie MacDonald offers this 3-part method for practicing hospitality with everyone. Continue Reading