Another Advent Vespers Begins

By Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

The short days of sunlight and the long days of darkness, the early dusk and the late dawn bring about a quiet, serene atmosphere as the Sisters come in from their various ministries. The drill is predictable: sign in, hang up your coat, secure a memorable spot for your book bag. We pat down our hair, hoping the wind on the hill did not do too much damage, all with haste, urgency. We slow down as we approach the chapel doors. The first Sisters to arrive hold the doors open for the rest of us. Quietly we enter, make a profound bow, take holy water and settle into our choir stalls. Several minutes go by. The organ sounds “G.” The cantor intones “O God come to my assistance.” Another Advent Vespers begins.

Choosing Light in Darkness

By Sister Phyllis McMurray, Prioress

In the liturgy for the First Sunday of Advent, we are called to “Be watchful! Be alert!”  Reflections on Advent remind us: Stay awake! Be aware! Pay attention!  As we enter Advent, we are called to be mindful of God entering our lives as Emmanuel, the One sent to be our “light forever” (Isaiah 60:19).   Continue Reading

Practice Makes … Better!

Greetings Dear Friend,

I was sitting at my desk when Sister Marlene stopped by to chat. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was writing a letter to you. She asked, “Do you mind if I give you a message for her?” I told her she could offer as many messages as she wished. Her 1st was, “ Tell your inquirer to come visit. We are waiting for her with open arms.” Her 2nd message was, “ Don’t worry about being perfect – we are all sinners searching for God, so come join the crowd!” Continue Reading

Goodbye, October … Hello, November!!

Dear Friend,

We’ve had such a busy but wonderful week! Last weekend at Vespers we had the Rite of Transfer for Sister Mary Magdalene Buergler. We  call her Sister Maggie.

Several years ago Sr. Maggie made her vows to St. Scholastica Monastery at Fort Smith, Arkansas. When the community grew to be too large in numbers they formed a new foundation which was called Our Lady  of Peace Monastery in Columbia , Missouri. Sister Maggie went with some of those sisters to form this new community. Continue Reading

The Holy Spirit

I am not sure when or how it happened – but in my life I have had a wonderful awakening of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s what I believe: God is present to and in each of us through the Holy Spirit. Filled with the Spirit, I know always and in all ways I am resting in the presence of God and can trust that all will unfold in my life as I need. Continue Reading