Emmanual: God is (personally) with us

By Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

ADVENT 1st Sunday, 2013: Ist Reading –Is. – 7:10-14; 2nd Reading – Rom 1:1-7; Gospel – Mt 1:18-24

Along with our wonderful health care nurses, I assist my younger sister, who has Alzheimer’s.

To me, Audrey is charming and precious and loving despite the ravishing diagnosis.

She is the personification of Emmanuel, “God with us.” Continue Reading

How to thank God for our gifts … humbly

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“Humility is not a matter of putting oneself down or denying one’s gifts and achievements, such as they are. It is an enduring spirit of gratitude and praise to God ‘for that God has been pleased to manifest in God’s worker…by the action of the Holy Spirit.’ (RB 7.70)” (Michael Casey)

Oh boy, is that right. But humility in today’s world seems to be a dirty word. We have to promote ourselves! In job interviews we have to turn our weaknesses into our strengths!

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What kind of cup are you?

I was reading Joyce Rupp’s wonderful poem, The Perfect Cup, recently. It was the subject of a reflection in “Give Us This Day.” I’ve been thinking about it ever since!


Well we – whether you are discerning religious life or what to do later today – all are called to steward the cup of our lives. We are all called to examine the contents of it. How are we using it? How are we filling it? Are we more concerned with how it looks or how it works? Continue Reading

Answering God's Call Together

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Recently someone told me that young people are looking for community but not a vowed life. Hmmm. While it’s clear not as many women are pursuing religious life today as there use to be, we are still out here. In our hearts, we are looking for something more … together.

As Pope Francis said in a General Audience on May 22, 2013, “… it is necessary to open ourselves once again to the horizon of God’s Spirit.” Continue Reading

A Sign from God?

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

We all want a sign from God … and some people get one. Moses, for example. Never me, though. That would be far too easy.

I thought about this again last Saturday as I read a wonderful reflection by C. Vanessa White in “Give us this Day” (a monthly magazine of daily prayer and reflections by Liturgical Press. I read the print version, but there is an e-version for those of you with IPads and Kindles.) Continue Reading