A Sign from God?

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

We all want a sign from God … and some people get one. Moses, for example. Never me, though. That would be far too easy.

I thought about this again last Saturday as I read a wonderful reflection by C. Vanessa White in “Give us this Day” (a monthly magazine of daily prayer and reflections by Liturgical Press. I read the print version, but there is an e-version for those of you with IPads and Kindles.)

She wrote, “These days, we expect immediate gratification … A quick fix is often not a fix at all.”

Oh boy, does that ring true for me. I’m more patient than I used to be, but still have to work on it every day.

In fact my patience has grown a lot in religious life. For one thing, I had to learn – back when I was discerning – that this kind of decision is not going to happen quickly.

No matter how much I wanted a burning bush, nothing like that happened for me.

I had to slow down, take time in prayer, clear my head and work on my relationship with God.

How? I turned to my closest friends for guidance. I went to a wonderful spiritual director. I spent time – silent, unhurried time – with God.

This is my advice to you. Slow down. Take time with God. Find a spiritual director. (We have 3 wonderful Sisters who do this!) And share with the people who know you best. See how they react.

The answer will come, probably slower than you want it to. But it will come, perhaps in the form of a nagging thought or feeling that you can’t seem to shake.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one to see that burning bush. God can do anything, after all! 🙂

For more vocation thoughts, watch this space and my ABC’s blog (it’s a little preschooley, but hey. It shows what I do all day every day, and that’s part of the discernment process! 🙂 ). And if you want to chat about any of this, give me a holler at smacdonald@smmsisters.org. I look forward to helping any way I can!!

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