Lesson of an Autumn Leaf

By Sister Margaret Murphy, OSB

I sat in the park beneath a blue autumn sky with warm breezes and swirling leaves in shades of red and yellow.

My reflections mirrored the scattered movement of falling leaves.

There are resolutions to revisit and chaotic thoughts in mind and heart. A golden leaf with yellow veins of light, almost heart shaped floated down; it rested on my shoulder.

God speaks in this too. The leaf had a crack and several worm holes marring its beauty.

It let go, gave up attachment and control as it floated down.

It occurs to me that the leaf was not like the seed that falls into the earth and dies and then brings forth new life.

However, when the leaf becomes buried in the earth, it becomes part of the onward flowing, ever developing, ever becoming new life.

Life is always becoming. Becoming is truly more important than the cracks and holes. This is what it means to be free; to be immersed in the life process, to fall into life.

Lord may I fall into life, becoming embedded in your love.

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