Answering God's Call Together

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Recently someone told me that young people are looking for community but not a vowed life. Hmmm. While it’s clear not as many women are pursuing religious life today as there use to be, we are still out here. In our hearts, we are looking for something more … together.

As Pope Francis said in a General Audience on May 22, 2013, “… it is necessary to open ourselves once again to the horizon of God’s Spirit.”

When we open ourselves to God’s Spirit, we begin to see how God wishes us to live our lives. That might mean that although we love our material goods – our cars, our TVs, our freedom to come and go – we are being called to something more.

Pope Francis continues, “… without being afraid of where he leads us.”

Fear holds us back. What God may be asking us is foreign, unknown. We may not be able to see what is ahead in the path. This scares us. I know it does me at times!

It may mean letting go of jobs, career paths, lifestyles, etc. But we need to let God take us there and not let fear hold us back.

Again Pope Francis continues, saying, “Let us entrust ourselves to Him!”

Let’s move with out fear … forge ahead on the path of life … live in the moment. Let’s open our eyes to God’s plan for us.

Let’s answer God’s call together.

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