How to thank God for our gifts … humbly

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“Humility is not a matter of putting oneself down or denying one’s gifts and achievements, such as they are. It is an enduring spirit of gratitude and praise to God ‘for that God has been pleased to manifest in God’s worker…by the action of the Holy Spirit.’ (RB 7.70)” (Michael Casey)

Oh boy, is that right. But humility in today’s world seems to be a dirty word. We have to promote ourselves! In job interviews we have to turn our weaknesses into our strengths!

We cannot show humility in what we do without seeming weak, or someone who is easily taken advantage of.

But I agree with Michael Casey. Benedictine Humility is not putting ourselves down or denying our talents. It is acknowledging that our gifts come from God.

We are called to use those gifts and talents to glorify God! We are called to recognize God as the source of our achievements!

At Thanksgiving, it’s particularly appropriate to take time to show our gratitude … and to do whatever we can to bring the Kingdom of God to all. How? With kindness … compassion … forgiveness … presence.

Let’s show our gratitude to the Lord by bringing God to others. Let’s shower them with love … humbly and wholeheartedly!

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