The Holy Spirit

I am not sure when or how it happened – but in my life I have had a wonderful awakening of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s what I believe: God is present to and in each of us through the Holy Spirit. Filled with the Spirit, I know always and in all ways I am resting in the presence of God and can trust that all will unfold in my life as I need.

If we do trust and believe the Spirit is within as God’s unwavering love and presence – then we will truly see the Spirit our doing what we didn’t think we could; in our speaking when we were sure we couldn’t; in our getting through challenges when we it seemed impossible; when we act on our intuition and it was right; or in the many other ways we experience the unimaginable, impossible or every day situations that arise.

With the Holy Spirit as our foundation, we experience the fruits of self-control, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, meekness, peace, joy and charity. They come more naturally to those who believe in the working of Spirit within them. That doesn’t mean it is simple and easy – but it does mean we are recipients of some powerful qualities that can work for good in all we experience.

Trusting in the Spirit is pure gift from a God who loves us unendingly and gifts us immensely.  In my next series of reflections I will be focusing on ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ as presented through the teachings of Thomas Keating.

Thanks for reading!!!  I welcome your insights so please consider sharing your reflections with us.

One thought on “The Holy Spirit

  1. This article is a Grace. Thank you


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