Practice Makes … Better!

Greetings Dear Friend,

I was sitting at my desk when Sister Marlene stopped by to chat. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was writing a letter to you. She asked, “Do you mind if I give you a message for her?” I told her she could offer as many messages as she wished. Her 1st was, “ Tell your inquirer to come visit. We are waiting for her with open arms.” Her 2nd message was, “ Don’t worry about being perfect – we are all sinners searching for God, so come join the crowd!”

I think that is very good advice from Sister Marlene, our Sub-Prioress.  In Benedictine language the Sub-Prioress is second in command and chosen by the Prioress who is elected by the community. They serve the community for four years with the possibility of re-election and then after those eight years go back into the ranks of the community. In April 2012 we will be electing a new Prioress and so the Holy Spirit is getting a lot of extra prayers from this Monastery.

Years ago I was doing some research for a retreat I was preparing to give and I read something about perfection that I never have forgotten and I will pass it on to you. I can’t remember the source but the quote was:

“God does not look at our unworthiness!
God looks at our unwillingness
to  accept our unworthiness!”

In today’s society there is so much emphasis on perfection. Olympic athletes win or lose by a fraction of a point. Schoolchildren think they must get A+. In music education we always told the student that “Practice makes Perfect!”

I read a new slogan the other day which is so true. “Practice does NOT make perfect – practice makes better!”

Isn’t that what God asks of us?

The bell is ringing so I must go now and continue my chat in prayers at Mass.  Have a good day!

With love and prayers,

Sister Mary Jane

3 thoughts on “Practice Makes … Better!

  1. Sister Mary Jane, dear friend.
    Lovely message. From one who has been there, it is a beautiful life. I encourage your inquirers to take a look.


  2. What wonderful insight, grasping this and sharing, our gift.


  3. Dear Melissa,
    Have you been to our monastery? If not, let me invite you to come and visit soon. May you have a beautiful Thanksgiving.
    Peace and Joy!
    Sister Mary Jane


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