Celebrate Your Own Saints!


Sister Stefanie places a vigil light in front of the Memorial Wall.

By Sister Mary Core, OSB

When I was growing up I loved All Saints Day, probably mostly because we didn’t have school.

It also gave me a chance to review – and enjoy – my Halloween trick-or-treat stash.

I still love All Saints Day and All Hallows Eve, but for different reasons!

All Saints Day – and the vigil on the All Hallows Eve – are set aside for remembering and rejoicing in the wonderful people we have known who will never be officially declared “Saints” by the church, but who made a holy difference to us just the same.

All the grandmas and grandpas, sweet neighbors, loving parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers and dear friends who were just “good folk,” and good to us.

They were steady, dependable and faithful. They helped show us how to live.

They are the Saints we remember on November 1st. They are the loved ones whose memory we anticipate on All Hallows Eve.

I don’t mean these Saints were perfect or flawless. No, the saints I’ve known were human just like the rest of us. They made mistakes, misjudged and blew it numerous times.

Now that I think about it, that describes all the famous Saints I’ve ever read about, too!

What made any of them saints?

I think it has to do with the way they loved. They could say, I’m sorry. They meant it when they said, I love you with all your quirks. I will stand by you. They showed mercy, forgiveness and kindness.

So, on this All Saints Day or All Hallows Eve, celebrate the saints you’ve had in your life. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for the role they played and the modeling they did on how to follow in the steps of Jesus.

And don’t give up on yourself! There’s still time for you – and me – flawed as we are, to be told, “Welcome home my beloved! I’ve been waiting for you! Go join the parade and the party of the saints who are marching in!”

Here are 2 more All Saints Day stories from the Benedictine Sisters:

Learn how we celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day in the monastery: https://monasterywisdomvocationblog.smmsisters.org/2015/10/31/all-saints-and-all-souls-days-at-the-monastery/

Sister Charlotte says we are ALL saints in the making (including her grumpy brother): https://monasterywisdomvocationblog.smmsisters.org/2016/10/28/celebrating-certain-brothers-on-all-saints-day/

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