Celebrating Loved Ones on All Saints Day


The Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, celebrate All Saints Day by remembering the Sisters who have gone before us, as well as all of our other loved ones.

By Sister Charlotte Sonneville, OSB

“Happy Feast Day!” I called out to my grumpy brother.

It was All Saints Day, and he was feeling a bit grouchy. I, on the other hand, was feeling joyful. All Saints Day is a lovely feast day!

I believe all of us are saints in the making, and my brother – his grumpiness notwithstanding – was no exception.

“Who do you think you’re kidding?” he hollered back.

Few of us see ourselves as saints. Indeed, most of us sell ourselves short and refuse to believe that we are truly called to be saints, even with all our faults and shortcomings.

I love to celebrate this special feast day and remember all the amazing people who have touched my life and brought me to be who I am today.

I especially think of my mom, grandmother and teachers (Sisters Gregory, Imelda and Angela, to mention a few).

I also think of my brothers (I have 3). They teased me unmercifully, but always in good humor. I knew I could count on them both in good times and bad.

I took them for granted until I was old enough to appreciate all that they taught me about what it means to be a saint.

They were – and are – saints. They loved me despite the fact that I always – as the only daughter – received preferential treatment.

Today, we celebrate those unrecognized, hidden saints like my brothers.

Like all of us, they struggle with faults, failings, hopes and dreams. With God’s help, we persevere.

May we join with one another in celebrating God’s infinite mercy and love on this special day.

Let’s honor those hidden saints – living and gone – who continue to reach out to us and show us our call to be  saints.

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