What Will Upset Your Whole Life … and Lead Somewhere Wonderful?


… something completely new and unexpected happens, something that upsets their hearts and their plans, something that will upset their whole life. They see the stone removed from before the tomb; they draw near, and they do not find the Lord’s body. It is an event that leaves them perplexed and hesitant, full of questions … (Pope Francis)

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Newness – change – challenges us. When out of our control, it often makes us fearful. As Pope Francis says, it can leave us perplexed and hesitant … full of questions.

This quote has stayed with me since I read it a couple of weeks ago.

(This is how God can speak to us. Through the small, still voice that calls us to remember something we read or heard.)

Change has rarely been exactly welcomed in my life. I want stability. To teach my children. To pray with my Sisters. To tend my garden under the bell tower.

But, think about it: Once upon a time, I wasn’t planning to teach children at all. I had no intention of becoming a Sister. And gardening was for old people.

All of that represents change. So, what changes will I resist next? What will “upset my whole life” … and lead somewhere wonderful?

“Something new and completely unexpected” brings many feelings: fear, excitement, challenge, joy and sadness.

I know when God has brought a newness in whatever way to my life, I’ve had those feelings.

Sadness in moving on … fear of what’s to come … excitement in a new endeavor … regret as the new endeavor begins … joy as things begin to fall into place.

Within all of this, we hold onto hope in something unseen.

Hope can propel us into the future even when we can’t see were we will end up.

So ask yourself this, What will upset your whole life, and lead somewhere wonderful?

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