Celebrating Our Benedictine Way of Life

October 15 was our Founder’s Day, celebrating the day that our founding Sisters arrived in Nauvoo, Ill., to open a new school 135 years ago.  Every year, it is a special day with special prayers as well as a festive dinner.  It is always a fun day as many stories float around about Sisters from our past.  Often we read a letter from our foundress, Sr. Ottilia.

Throughout our years of life in America (Benedictine Sisters arrived here more than 150 years ago), some things haven’t changed. An example was found at the Vocation Conference I attended last weekend. a panel of young adults spoke about their experience of Benedictine life as students at the Benedictine school of St. John’s University, Collegeville.  The qualities that most impressed them focused mainly on Benedictine hospitality, common prayer and the rhythm of life.

It is totally amazing that throughout our 135 years as the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery, these same charisms have remained foundational to us.

I truly believe people are looking for this type of Benedictine stability today. So much violence, individualism and disruption of lives due to many factors just make life today very upsetting at times. Without a stable core we are adrift, emotionally and spiritually. We ask, “Is this all there is?” Our Benedictine stability of hospitality, prayer and daily rhythm of life nourishes and sustains us as we Seek God together.

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