Thanking God for the Courage to Follow Your Dreams

It is hard to believe we have celebrated another Thanksgiving.  It is a great feast to celebrate, for a grateful heart is something to nourish … and there is much to be grateful for!

Yesterday I was talking to a women who found us through VISION magazine and was led to our website and blog.  She is interested in pursuing her interest in religious life and will come to visit after the Thanksgiving holidays.  She has visited several religious communities and has discerned Benedictine life to be the most attractive for her.  She appreciates our sense of community and balance with work.  She is still – as all inquirers – struggling to know if this interest is truly her life’s direction.

Life is filled with mystery, isn’t it?  We never quite know what the next moment will bring.  In the case of discerning about religious life and whether it is the ‘right choice,’ there is, indeed, an element of mystery.  It takes a leap of faith to discern and a greater leap to decide!!  The woman above is in a place where many people are, perhaps you who are reading this blog.  The best way to learn if the mystery is for you to pursue it: to visit, pray, talk and learn.  Eventually, you will know if it is right.

I am thankful for the mystery – even though it can be scary each day to live.  I am thankful to have women interested in religious life … and thankful for those who take the leap of faith to visit and learn more about it. Thanksgiving can be a perfect time to be grateful to God for the courage and perseverance you have been given to live the mystery – and follow your dreams!

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