Superheroes for the Word

For the last two years Sr. Janet’s first graders have come to the Monastery for a morning and it’s always fun. During the fIrst year, Jackie and I played the part of cows!  Sr. Mary Jane played music while we sang and acted the part in the small barnyard look we had created in our community room.

Last year Stefanie and I were fish (my personal favorite).  We sang fish songs, swam around the community room that had been decorated like a fishbowl.  This year Stefanie (the producer) brought together a couple of skits about ‘superheroes for the Word.’ Stefanie was ‘Plaidwoman’ and I was ‘ Polky Dot’ and together we conquered evil and promoted good.  Jackie was ‘Sister Solar’ (in her solar system pj’s) and was the special guest  who got the truth out of Plaidwoman and Polky Dot.

While we are a serious community Seeking God together through prayer , good works and our daily rhythm,  we have fun doing it!

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