Working Out Puzzles at the Monastery

A young woman visited the Monastery over the weekend. She is a college junior and keeps returning to the idea of religious life. ‘S’ contacted us after looking at our website. In fact, we were the 4th religious community she has visited. She has been looking for a balanced community.

S’s experience has included a cloistered order that she found to be too confining. She doesn’t want to be separated from her family. Another community, large and international in scope, was not community-oriented. She wants a more definite community life.  A third community she visited provided more balance between ministry and community. They wore a habit, had to live with at least 3 Sisters and are international in their ministry.

S felt at home in our mixture of community and ministry. She enjoyed quiet time as well as a lot of laughs playing cards. One night we worked on the jigsaw puzzle for two hours. In fact, S enjoys many of the same things we do, like puzzles. Although she still has a year left for school and is in no immediate hurry to join a community, she uses her school breaks to visit different orders.

S was the second woman to spend time with us this month. Both women are content with themselves, eager to know God more deeply and discerning the way God is encouraging them to follow. Once again, I believe that spending time with a community is the best way to really know what God is calling you to. It doesn’t take too much time, 2 or 3 days, and it gives you a good inside view of community life.

This month, two women took that chance to get to know us. You might consider taking a chance too.

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