The Fruit of Peace Part IV

Peace cultivates a sense of quiet knowing when we are rooted in God. Even when our lives are chaotic, painful, fearful and anxious, we can maintain interior peace. How? By practicing Centering Prayer.

Peace is found in that deep quiet where only we and God exist.

Centering Prayer is what Thomas Keating is all about.  It helps us live in the moment with God, and overcome the need to find love in transient things like objects, money, self promotion etc.

I used to think Centering Prayer was ‘not my thing.’  But, through retreats and spiritual direction, I have learned it helps me gain perspective on my life.  I still am not one who can attend a centering prayer retreat and pray practically all day.  But the daily practice has nourished me and helped my find my inner peace.

For anyone seeking inner peace I suggest you learn about contemplative prayer or centering prayer.  I am not a fanatic about it every day; however, I practice it regularly because it keeps my inner peace stable.  And that allows me to bear fruit in my daily experiences.

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