An Intriguing Visit

This weekend we had a 42-year-old woman visit the monastery as part of her discernment. ‘V’ perfectly fits the profile that our community considers a solid vocation possibility. In addition, she fits the profile of the culture for women her age. For instance, V is very pleased with and fulfilled in her professional life. She is a research scientist who works on projects that affect the lives of each of us.  Currently, her group is researching alternative packaging.  Overall, the goal is to discover natural ways to replace our use of petroleum.  She is involved in projects that can help our world be more viable.  She has several passions besides science, namely; organic gardening, biking and reading.  So why is she looking at religious life?

Maybe you find yourself in the same place: V feels an urge to look to something more in her relationship with God.

V first pursued more information about religious life through a national website that provides links to all types of religious orders. In response, she was inundated with at least 50 religious communities’ replies. A bit overwhelming for her. So what compelled her to look more closely at our Benedictine community?

Again, maybe you will relate. V was struck by our website and, being an avid blogger, was interested in this blog. She visits it daily and enjoys reading whatever is posted. She communicates primarily through email and likes to check back to our website to see what is new in the community.

When V arrived this weekend, she was eager to learn more about us and what Benedictine life is about. We had a great time – she loves history (so do I!) and used our history to bring out the charisms that my community has maintained all these 135 years. We had a thorough tour of our facility (right down to the maintenance area and the computer program for our geo-thermal heating and cooling), and from that she could clearly see the intentionality of our lifestyle. FInally, we hung out with the women in formation Saturday evening – playing a game and laughing all the while.

V’s experience represents what you can do or maybe have considered but not moved on. If you experience that inner nudge to seek God I encourage you to not hesitate. The only way to really know what the nudge might mean for you is to investigate, experience and learn more.

In upcoming blogs you will read about some topics V suggested I blog on. They are of interest to her and maybe to you as well. Have an idea of something you want to learn more about?  Just blog or email me and I will reflect on it, in light of our Benedictine heritage.

One thought on “An Intriguing Visit

  1. Thank you. I had a wonderful time. It was very powerful!


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