"Ask and you shall receive."

My 84-year-old friend, Sister Rosemary Murphy, told me today that she had read my recent blogs and enjoyed them. So I asked her what I should write today to the women discerning their vocation. Her answer came out of today’s Gospel, when Jesus instructed his disciples how to pray. He said, Ask my Father for what you need and you shall receive it.

Sr. Rosemary told me all the things she had asked for in her prayers today and shared all the things she had asked for in the past that had been granted. Such trust and gratitude! She suggested that women discerning about religious life need to be direct and ask God for insight.

This might seem an obvious suggestion. However, sometimes we toss and turn and think too much. We forget to take our thoughts, desires and confusion right to God. I believe God desires us to ask for what we want and trust that we will be answered.

What is it you need to continue your discernment? Perhaps it is insight into what you are being called to or clarity about a particular community. Maybe it is finding time to pursue a community by visiting them or corresponding with their vocation director. Maybe you need strength to follow your heart or courage to take that next step. Maybe you need insight on how to communicate your vocation to family or friends.

There are many ways to pray. One is to directly ask for assistance and offer your needs to God. My wise friend, Sr. Rosemary, would encourage you to do just that.

One thought on “"Ask and you shall receive."

  1. Telling my friends from R.C.I.A as they looked though the pictures I took today about the possiblity of becoming a sister. The best thing is the overwhelming support I felt from all of them and knowing that they are praying for me. No matter where I may end up.


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