What love has formed you and nourished your life?

‘I know your resting and your rising…..” PS 139

This week I focused my prayer on one of the passages I offered for discerners in my earlier bog.  PS 139 has always been a very favorite of mine.  It is a very intimate prayer between Creator God and creation.  It is a prayer of being known, cared about and cared for by a loving God.

It also is a good prayer about a close love such as we may experience in family. Who loves you in such an intimate way that it deepens your knowledge about such a loving, intimate God?  Whose love has made a tremendous difference?

I came from a small family, mom, dad and my sister.  When I was a child my parents worked a lot plus owned a bowling alley which took every evening.  My mom tells about being home for supper, getting us ready for bed with a bath and then Dottie would finish the evening as Mom went to the bowling alley.  Dottie stayed with me from my birth until she died when I was 16.

I was extraordinarily fortunate to have my second mom.  Dottie loved me unconditionally.  She would rock me to sleep at night and be there at every holiday and just plain be a major part of my early life.  She was not of any particular religion or church.  However, hers was a love that I think of in Ps 139.  Yes, my parents’ love was such too, but Dottie, well, she just was my special love.

What love has formed you and nourished your life?

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