Creating a Discerning Heart

Reading Scripture helps create a discerning heart

Create in me a discerning heart, O God, and put a new spirit within me. (Psalm 51)

The discernment process is to help you come to some resolution regarding your call to religious life. As we begin a new Liturgical Year of Ordinary Time I thought it might be helpful to ‘walk through’ some key areas of discernment. The goal is to create a discerning heart.

On Sunday once again, we heard the Gospel of call. How absurd if we think about it: the two men just up and went with Jesus. There seems to have been no discernment process, no question and answer period – just a blind trust and movement with Jesus. Oh, to be so absolutely sure that it is the right path!!!

Instead we take a long time to think, wonder, get more information and pray about the decision of joining a religious community in our pursuit of Jesus Christ. The Gospel doesn’t always give us the whole story but, often, just the results. It just could be the disciples had met and interacted with Jesus previously, followed by the time when they just knew that they had to go with Jesus even though unsure of the exact path He would lead them on. It is that trust we must build in our discernment process, so we can simply get up and go.

I suggest you focus on your personal history.  You might reflect upon these questions:

1. What events in your life have lead you to this discernment?

2. What are some major events in your life that have changed you?

3. In what ways have you known God to act in your life?

A few Scripture passages to pray with may include  Ps. 51; Mt. 6:19-25; Ps. 139; Mt. 7:-1-2; Mk 9:14-29; Lk 4:1-13; Jn. 1:43-50 and Jn 5:1-9.

I am here for you if you want to discuss or think any of this through “out loud.”

One thought on “Creating a Discerning Heart

  1. Dear sisters,
    I am a lay person. A priest advised me to pray the “Discerning Prayer”
    Since I do not find one, I come to you to rescue me.
    Is there any special prayer of discerment …?
    Is it applicable only to vocations or to any area in life where we need God’s help?
    Love, in Jesus and Mary


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